Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tommy Lee Jones was right - the REAL news is in the Enquirer

In my one journalism class in college, the crusty old English teacher asked us, "what is news?" The answer had been the same for over a century : the news is whatever the editor says is news.

The editor was the gatekeeper. Sometimes exercising judgement and other times reacting to ideological, social, or business pressures. The general public took their news like they took their cornflakes in the morning -- they ate what was put in front of them.

Have you joined the Men in Black and the other 20% of the population that are now reading alternative media and blogs on the web? If not, here is one story that you are missing:

The National Enquirer *caught* John Edwards walking out of a Beverly Hilton after visiting his illegitimate child by a mistress. He's paying the mistress a cool $15,000 a MONTH to lay low. While cameras flashed, he ran and hid in a restroom.

There were no Republican Members of the House waiting in there to solicit sex with him -- one reason why this story is not running wall to wall.

The mistress was pregnant with the child when the Enquirer first ran the story in December 2007 when Edwards was actively running for President. You read about that, right?

The Enquirer has the goods -- really. Here are the links:

JOHN EDWARDS love child scandal NE December 2007


The story was confirmed by the lone Fox News story. The coverup in the media is being covered by Mickey Klaus over at Slate -- which is far from being a right wing news organization. You can also find detailed stories at the completely left-wing Huffington Post.

Klaus revealed that reporters at the Los Angeles Times were ordered by management to ignore the story. They even banned reporters from writing about it in personal blogs.

You haven't seen this story on the news at NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, or the Los Angeles Times as of yet; however, the story has been covered by those hard boiled newshounds Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien over on NBC. Soon, though, these things will change. Radar reports that negotiation$ are ongoing between a major network and the mother of the child for an exclusive interview.

I usually do take a look at my cornflakes before I eat them. Maybe we should all start taking a look at our news as well.

-- updated 11:58pm added links for Huffington Post and Radar


Mrs. A. said...

Being a slut pays much better than trying to be a decent Christian woman.

I knew that ole John Edwards was a rascal even before this little indiscretion came to light, compliments of the upstanding National Enquirer. Anyone who keeps his SUV while admonishing others to get rid of theirs...