Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saint Simons during Fay

A friend of mine, Dade Brantley, just posted video of what Tropical Storm Fay looked like over on Saint Simons Island. I go over there a lot and it was eye opening to see the flooding. Imagine what it would look like if a Tropical Storm or Class One Hurricane made landfall.

The seven minute piece opens with him driving over the causeway to the island. Then he goes to the village and shoots the waves crashing over the seawall and into the land. We get to see some houses and cars flooded and he shows us the ocean punishing a parking lot. There is a drive back over the causeway and then down US 17 to the turn for downtown.

Here is his introduction:

This is video I shot yesterday (August 22) on a ride over to St. Simons. For those who don't understand why people make a big deal over a little rain and wind, keep in mind, this was shot just before low tide....during a low grade tropical storm that was 100 miles away. ...