Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Some Idiots Save Money

Seems like every magazine you see has money saving tips these days. In order to make fun of them at The Daily Egg, I needed to read up on the tips themselves for inspiration.

Some of these things are a little outlandish. There are people out there who will gladly exchange time for money and make a hobby (fetish?) out of it. I was first tempted to make fun of those people, but it is nearly impossible to make fun of something that is already a farce.

The Simple Dollar - 100 Great Tips for Saving Money

Billed as a list for people who are just getting started saving money. He makes his own laundry gell on his stove.

Money Saving Tips - 75 Painless Ways to Save Money

For some reason, whenever I call my credit card company demanding that they lower the interest rate, they just start laughing and hang up. Maybe it will work for you.

106 Money-Saving Tips for a Frugal Lifestyle

Otherwise known as the 106 extremely obvious ways to save money if you could be bothered.

The Frugal Law Student

Here is an interesting concept. While learning how to sue people into the poor house, this Law Student spends his billable hours saving money.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Title Town Roundup

The finest wine is not revenge, but that vintage known as gloat. If you are from Valdosta, here is a list of links to stories around the country about our Victory as Title Town. Some excerpts from the article are underneath the link Drink up!

Detroit Free Press

What? This is like Appalachian State all over again.

Except imagine App. State had not only upset Michigan, but also Ohio State, the Red Wings, the N.Y. Giants, the Boston Celtics and just about everybody else. ESPN's Titletown USA contest winner, announced Monday night on "SportsCenter," is Valdosta, Ga.

Once again ... what?

KUSports, Lawrence, KS

A national basketball championship and an Orange Bowl victory weren’t enough to secure ESPN’s TitleTown honors for Lawrence.

MLive.Com (Michigan)

Valdosta, Georgia wins 'Titletown' sweepstakes, swiping Green Bay's nickname...

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Sorry, Green Bay, but you're not ESPN's 'TitleTown USA'

Richmond Times Dispatch

So what do we have to do to get some poll power and respect around here, huh? Beg? Bribe?

The Gainesville Sun

When Florida won back-to-back national championships in men's basketball and another in football from 2006-07, many dubbed Gainesville as Titletown. A year later, ESPN says that moniker belongs 110 miles up Interstate-75.

The Florida Times Union

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce is talking of tourist packages. Come watch one of the high school teams on Friday night and stay over and ride the coasters at Wild Adventures theme park and watch the VSU Blazers play Saturday.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

The link goes to Todd Holcomb's Blog where the crowd is disscussing the topic:
Do you agree with ESPN that Valdosta is sports TitleTown USA? Tell us why or why not.

The discussion is over 250 comments, and growing. Go there and lay waste to all those envy green Atlanta people.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Title Town Facts

Valdosta has been completely gaga over ESPN's TitleTown contest. I do not care to think how much money our various governments spent on banners, security, and whatever when we hosted the ESPN team at Cleveland Field.

Here are the sources for my facts in the Titletown Story:

This is the easiest site to get quick demographic data

Lowndes County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

New York City QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

Not only do they track internet penetration, but we are waaaay behind. This is a newstory so the links do tend to go away over time.

And now it gets really weird, the effects of testosterone levels on fans

Examining the potential causal relationship between sport team identification and psychological well-being. - brought to you by

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Ranging Cats - Background Links

I recently ended up reading the animal ordinance of the City of Valdosta. I know, what the hell was I doing that for? Well, the paper had a story on a new law for vagrants and I thought I might mine it for more comedy material. Surprise, surprise, surprise -- the paper had it wrong and the proposed ordinance wasn't posted.

While looking around I found the animal ordinance.

It is illegal to own more than 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 horses at a home in Valdosta. Thank God the boys never asked for ponies.

Even more interesting, who would believe that Valdosta would end up with a cat ordinance without so much of a howdy do?

City of Valdosta's Animal Ordinance:

American Bird Conservancy Website: Cat's Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats

Killer Housecat Studies

British Study Titled "Look What the Cat Brought In"

A Study in Witcheta KS that includes a prolific bird killing cat who is also declawed

Friday, July 04, 2008

Turning Algae into Gasoline

America is in an inventive turmoil not seen since the dawn of the industrial age when every tinkerer had a garage and a dream of being the next Marconi, Ford, or Wright brother. Only now, all the nerds in the garages have only one goal -- a cheap source of renewal energy.

Over in Europe, commentators are tut-tutting about the frenzy to invent in America. "Why don't those dolts just realize they aren't exceptional and settle down. Get used to doing with less like us superior Europeans."

I imagine we Americans will continue to upset our laggard cousins. Here are some of the things that are being created:

Sapphire Energy turns algae into ‘green crude’ for fuel, 2008-05-29, LA Times

Tifton Man Bioengineers Bacteria to Make Oil, 2008-03-15, The Tifton Gazette

The New Dawn of Solar 2007-12-01, Popular Science Magazine

Coming in out of the cold: Cold fusion, for real 2005-06-06, Christian Science Monitor

Turn Anything into Oil, 2006-04-06, Discover Magazine

And, if you really want some weird reading, here is a Russian theory that oil is not created by dead dinosaurs:

Abiogenic petroleum origin, Wikipedia